WTF Wednesday 10/29/14 : Guess the Movie


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Trailer Share Tuesday: 10/28/14 – “The Gambler”

the gambler

A skinny Mark Wahlberg,  the most CGI’d movie ever made, a third chapter ghost story, and nazi love story, a haunting of a wheelchair and a hipster love story.

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Trailer Share Tuesday: 10/21/14 – “In the Heart of the Sea”


A Whaling Epic, a Chris Rock rom com, an Al Pacino satire, a Will Smith heist film, a Nic Cage CIA thriller, and a mummy’s Curse.

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Trailer Share Tuesday: 10/7/14 – “American Sniper”

american sniper bradley cooper

A Sniper, a submarine captain, a vigilante, two young stars, a porn star and Elijah wood.

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So its October, Halloween is at the end of the month so you want to get the most out of your NETFLIX with some Horror Movies.  HERE WE GO! Read more ›

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