HAPPY 4th!

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Its times like these that we thank our forefathers for signing the Declaration in the summer!

2015 academy award predictions

2015 Oscar Predictions


It’s game time sports fans! Last year I was 15 of 19 correct, lets see if can do better in 2015


Best Picture

Boyhood – Oscar Pick
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Whiplash – My favorite
American Sniper


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#TBT – ThrowBack Trailer – Watchmen (2009)


This is one of the best trailer I have ever seen.  The music from the Philip Glass Ensemble creates a sense of foreboding in accordance with the slow-mo action and explosions on-screen.  I remember being vividly excited upon first viewing and when I got home, I researched everything I could find about the comic.  Zach Snyder can really cook up a good trailer.  The movies……