Easter Edition Reviews Part 1: The Old Testament: Quickie Review: The Ten Commandments (1956)

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ten commandments 1956

One of the best movies of Hollywood’s, “Golden Era.”

It’s classic Hollywood.  Charleton Heston versus Yul Brynner, (seen here with hair, so weird), in an all out battle for the ancient world.  They have their respective Gods in their respective corners. Brother v Brother.  I should have written the pub for this, how can you not watch it now.

All marketing aside, the bible, whether you think its real or fairy tales, has some of the most interesting and emotion bearing stories ever told.  The story of Moses is amongst the best.  I mean the guys in line to be king of Egypt, instead throws down all riches to lead his true people out from slavery.  Its awesome.  Did I mention plagues. Seriously Old Testament God didn’t pull any punches. Bad-ass.

But again watching old Hollywood epics is a neat experience. The overture and intermission.  Not to mention acting that isn’t method is something to see.  Its like watching a really good play. The set design is beautifully fake.  Its just nice to get a break from modern grit every once and a while.

3.25 out of 5



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